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About OSI

Oslostudentenes Idrettsklubb, (OSI), the Oslo Students Sports Club, is one of the country's largest sports clubs with a wide specter of offerings within sports and outdoor recreation, covered by the 32 different groups. The goal is to have something for everybody, regardless of one's level of fitness, skill, or ambition. The club is run for and by students, and can therefore offer training exercise in an active and lively student environment, where the social aspect of the club is as important as the sports aspect.


Kontaktpersoner are the contact people for each group. If you have any questions about any of the specific clubs, send them an e-mail, or reach them through their mobile phone number as listed. They will be happy to explain to you, in English if you would like, any questions you have about their group.


Membership in OSI is 75 kroner per semester. Each group has an extra fee, særavgift, that comes in addition to this. The 75 kroner OSI membership is only paid once per semester, regardless of how many clubs you are a member of. As of 30.August, 2006, registration will be done online through this web site. All you need is an e-mail address and a MasterCard or Visa card.

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The following clubs have information in English:

Dans -- Dance
Fjellgruppa -- Mountain group
Klatregruppa -- Climbing group
Langrenn -- Cross-Country skiing
Ski og Snowboard -- Telemark, downhill, and twintip skiing, and snowboarding.

Here are some more translations to help you navigate around the rest of our pages, as you work on improving your Norwegian.

Dykking -- Diving
Elvepadling -- Kayaking
Fekting -- Fencing
Friluftstreffet -- The Outdoor Recreational Jamboree
Innebandy -- Indoor Bandy
Landevei -- Cycling
Svømming -- swimming
Utmarksykling -- Mountain biking

medlem -- member
medlemskap -- membership