Information about the Cross Country Skiing Course for International Students 2011 hosted jointly by SiO and UiO

It's my pleasure to welcome you all to the very cold and white Norway! Here you'll find a brief summary about the ski course. We'll have an introduction to skiing at UB, GS Auditorium 2 and most of the practice will take place at the Winterpark at Sognsvann. The dates are 9 th. of February (2h of theory), 12, 13, 19, 20 th. of February (practice). These are the weekends before the Nordic World Ski Championship of 2011, hosted by Oslo

We got a document you should take a look at, with some basic information (from 2009, dates are not correct).

Here you may see the presentation from the theoretical lecture of 2010.

Join the Ski Course facebook group by following this link! (or send me a mail if something goes wrong! =)

Wed. 9 th. Theory at Blindern, UB Georg Sverdrups house, Auditorium 2 at 6 pm. I'll hold a short  lecture about the art of skiing and try to explain the basic techniques.

Saturday 12 th.

How to move on the skies, how to stop (plowing), how to get uphill (fishbone). We'll start with diagonal technique and if you dare you may try the steepest slope available(both up and down). If we got the time, the day will end with a relay, just for fun.

Sunday 13 th.

Quick rebound from Saturday. We'll start with diagonal technique keeping the weight distribution in mind (from the lecture!) and work with this in the slopes. Advanced may try poleing and then some.

Saturday 20 th.

Continuing with the diagonal technique and weight distribution. Double poleing will also be added today. Maybe a small trip if we get the time and you want it. Advanced may use the whole day for a trip.

Sunday 21 th.

Skitrip to Little Åklungen, a small lake 3 km up in the forest.  We'll make a campfire and cook hotdogs and other barbecue-able food. Some games and relays on the frozen lake before we return home.

Sign up is at Blindern and Domus Athletica from the 11 th. of January!

ps: OSI Langrenn is just hired as instructors for this course, we do not handle the administrative sign up.

Best regards, Per Øyvind Steffensen, steffensen.per[a]