H1 – Gløshaugen (3-0): Trønderfår i Oslokål

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H1 – Gløshaugen (3-0): Trønderfår i Oslokål

Innlegg Sindre » 10 Des 2006, 23:38

OSI – NTNUI Gløshaugen (3-0): 25-23, 25-18, 25-17

The studenty derby in the eight round of the first divison season seemed more like try-outs for a beginners team. The win is nonetheless dedicated to a parting Italian, thus the match report figuring in English.

OSI was significantly reduced in numbers, without the injuries noteworthy influencing the planned starting line-up. Missing though, was concentration and the ability to play to the best of ones ability. Being up by 20-13 in the first set and barely succeeded in winning 25-23 is a poor performance. Errors in passing and defence were abundant and the enthusiasm from last weekend was long gone.

However, little effort was needed - sport wise - to mash the opponent into salted and dreid ribs of mutton (norsk: pinnekjøtt). Most the digging and serving Gløshaugen did in Domus Athletica was further down towards second division and and giving the ball away respectively. Short of their primary setter, yes, but the rest of the team did not pay much tribute into making the battle viewable for the few specators.

Criticism aside, OSI may have the best block in the group, despite a relatively low average height. The squad is plentiful and the players are fairly equal in ability. The turn-out rate at practice and the spirit for the team and club are high. All in all OSI deserves a merry good break, starting 2007 on top of the division.

De Blasi returning to Italy (by Jonas)
Pierpaolo De Blasi has decided to move back to Italy after Christmas. Pierpaolo came to OSI the fall of 2004 and has been an important part of the team ever since. In his first season he contributed to OSI knocking elite team Halden out of the cup, and thus advancing to the quarter final stage.

This year OSI qualified for the quarter final again with De Blasi as one of the most important contributors. Despite of his supreme qualities on the court De Blasi is, and always will be, a person which is down to earth and never puts himself above the team. The players in his team has only favourable things to say about him, and we have appreciated the 2,5 years Pierpaolo has given us.

We, his teammates, wish Pierpaolo the best of luck in the future, in his new job and in his new team. Paolo, you are welcome back anytime!

Norsk oppsummering
Begge lagene vår dårlige og noe nonchalante, men OSI klart best (uten protest). Italienske Pierpaolo de Blasi returnerer til Italia etter 2,5 år i klubben.
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